A Lipsum Generator and API for Latin and Plain Text
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Should we output random or latin text?

Should we begin the first paragraph with Lorem ipsum?

Should we include periods in sentences?

Should the first letter in each sentence be Upper Case?

Should we include <p>? tags between paragraphs?

Should we include double spaces between sentences?

If using Random Text (Options are not applicable to Latin text)

Should we include random numbers in the output?

Should we make text look more latin-like? (vowel density)?

Sentence Structure

The minimum characters in words?

The maximum characters in words? (applies to random text)

The minimum words in paragraphs?

The maximum words in paragraphs?

The number of paragraphs? (minimum & maximum) Between and
If no upper limit is specified, the first option is used an an absolute limit.

A variation of the common lorem ipsum text has been used since the 1960s or earlier to provide a filler text during typesetting. In the blogging and Internet world, Lorem Ipsum text is used in blogs and templates to populate empty pages.

Seazon will generate Lorem Ipsum text or, as an alternative, random non-latin text. We provide various options.

We provide an easy XML and text-based API.

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